Australia Personal Finance Presents Vulnerable Household Debt Levels

The level of household debts in Australia is among those that may be unsustainable according to the global leverage report of McKinsey Global Institute, as discussed in Business Insider Australia.

According to the institute’s report, patterns of urbanisation can contribute to the levels of household debts. Countries that have a single megacity, or a few huge urban clusters instead of several large cities, possess higher prices for real estate in the megacity which translates to higher household debt levels.


Home Loans to be affected by Rate Drops, Expects Industry Experts

Over at Your Mortgage, an Australian mortgage website, there is a report that analysts are expecting the interest rate to drop to 1.5 per cent this year. Earlier, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) reduced the cash rate 2.25 per cent. This is left unchanged as of the moment but analysts declare that it won’t be surprising if the rate gets cut to 1.75 or 1.5 per cent later on. The basis for this prediction includes bigger challenges to the mining sector, softening of China’s economy, and the increased value of the Australian dollar.

With this interest rate cuts, people who are planning to make home loans or go into property investment should exercise closer care regardless if they are a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor. The interest rate cuts are coupled with rising prices in properties across Australia such as the 4.5 per cent rise in Melbourne, resulting in the housing bubble.

Excellent Property Opportunities in Melbourne Make Good Investments

Though there are various ways to invest your money, with all of the opportunities for investment property in Melbourne, putting your money in real estate is an excellent idea. This is because of the fact that it’s easy to leverage; for example, you can use your mortgage and pay the down payment of $10,000 to buy a $50,000 home then sell it for $60,000 or manage to rent it out for a period of 12 months for $5,000. At the end, you’ve managed to profit from the deal.

Fast Funding: Get a Good Deal with Help from a Skilled Mortgage Broker

When you’re looking to buy yourself a house, one of your main obstacles is to get the money to pay for it. Most homes nowadays can cost your several years of savings. If you want that property now, your best choice is to take a mortgage; you’re essentially paying for the house with the lender’s money, which you’ll be paying back with interest until you fully own the property. However, with the dizzying amount of mortgage packages out in the market, it can be confusing which one to choose. This is where an experienced mortgage broker comes in.

Changed Perspective: Is it a Good Idea to Refinance Your Home Loans?

Purchasing a property through secured home loans is one convenient way to get the house that you want right now. However, you will find that as the years progress, your financial situation might not be the same as when you first got your home loan. This why it’s important to review your home loan to find out whether it is still working for you. However, if you find that your priorities have shifted, you might need to make changes for your future needs.

Living the Life: How to Have Your Dream House through a Home Loan

Buying a home for your family is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make in your lifetime. Filing for a home loan application is the first step to get financial help in order to buy a house. However, before going to lenders, there are some things one needs to consider in order to make the right decision and to find the best deal.